Hud and Cindy visit

Hud and Cindy recently visited the House of New Life and our foster kids living nearby. In Hud’s words:

We are having a good trip here. I wish everyone could be here to see how solid the work is. The House is in good working order, the addition of the handymen has really improved the storage area. The ongoing every day tasks to keep up the grounds and make repairs to the house don't go waiting. The maintenance guys are all over it.

The staff and kids are well. It's a solid program, actually a large family. Vero and Mari reflect on their memories of the old PC#3. They express their gratitude for the facilities and support they have now to care for the kids and they share much more personally. All in all, a very smooth working family with very good management.

The kids eat well. Lunch is soup with chicken and dumplings, grilled spicy Romanian sausage, grilled chicken and homemade french fries. The HIV virus robs their systems of calories. Each kid is small in stature and none is overweight, despite three meals each day and snacks. Vero is the woman in the first photo. She is Veronica Zaharia. She has been with the kids since their infancy, first as a nurses assistant, and now as house mother.


Thank you to everyone who supports this work. We ask for your prayers for the kids’ continuing health and also for our staff. We are blessed to have such a faithful team of women who care for our kids, please pray God will continue to raise up individuals locally with a heart for this work.