Guest post (cont.) - by Brittany Gonzalez

Putting a bow on this trip. We made the last rounds of visits to foster families, and then stopped by the infectious disease hospital to see our kids’ pediatrician. She specializes in complex pediatric cases and she said of all the kids she sees in Constanta, ours are the most resilient and best treated. She attributes this to the high level of care they receive at home, including a good diet, therapies, consistent administering of medications, and lots of love!

Then we said our goodbyes at the house; already the kids are counting down the days to Christmas  Mari and Ligia surprised my folks with some neat photo boxes, then it was off to the airport, which was thankfully a much less eventful drive than on the way in. We had a wonderful trip, and I’m looking forward to going back. Now time to bounce back from jet lag!