Remembering Costi


We are mourning the loss of our dear Costi, one of our original House of New Life kids. We found Costi (“Tita”) in 1992, when he was a toddler living in Post Cura 3. Like the rest of the children, he was confined to a crib, and suffered from malnutrition and scabies.

With much love and care from the staff at the House of New Life, Costi grew into a happy, fun-loving boy known for his bright blue eyes and big smile. For more than 20 years, we knew and loved him, and he brought joy to everyone who met him.

Like most of our kids, Costi had health complications that he endured his whole life. This last year was especially difficult for him, but even through his pain, he encouraged everyone around him with his sweet countenance. He also liked to draw, and in a recent visit with his pastor, he showed him some of his drawings. Pastor Sami explained that many of them had religious content, that Costi loved to talk about his drawings, and that was his way of talking about God and Jesus Christ. 

Now his body is free from disease and limitations and he is joyfully in the presence of his Maker. For those of us who remain behind, we are joyful for the life we got to share with him and we look forward to that day when we will see him made new. We are grateful for everyone involved in the Chi Rho ministry who gave Costi a life he would never have had otherwise.