Surprise visit from the mayor

Sanda, our head of foster care, shared with us some news from over the weekend - a friendly visit from the town mayor!
“On Saturday the Mayor of Ovidiu, George Scupra, dropped by CVN. He met the kids and the staff and asked if we needed any help. The ladies in the house suggested him to contact the administrator, Vero, and talk to her about the house’s needs. The Mayor was delighted to see the clean house, the nice and clean kitchen and the dishes full with the usual good food ready to be served to the kids. He said, ‘As I can see, the food is perfect for the kids! Let me know if I can help with other things.’ He promised to come back and meet with us again. It was a good thing to see the Mayor interested to help CVN. It was also good for the staff to see him happy to see that the care they provide to our kids is permanently at high standards, no matter what time of the day one visitor come and see it. Congratulations to our special staff and thank you all for making such a difference in our kids’ lives.”