Visiting our Foster Kids

Recently Ligia (our House administrator) and Sanda (head of foster care) made a visit out to see our foster kids. These are kids who used to live at the House, but we’ve been able to place them in families in the community. In Romania, foster families are more like lifelong relationships, almost like adoption in the US. Our staff has worked hard to find good matches for both the kids and the families taking them in. As much as that is possible, we believe it is much better for our kids to have a family than to be at the House. Over the last 12 years, we’ve been able to place more than 20 children into good foster home settings. 

Today, all of our foster kids live within about 50 miles of where the House of New Life is located. We usually stop by 1-3 times a month at each home to see how the kids are doing, check on their health, deliver presents from sponsors, and see if the families need any additional support (such as financial, counseling and spiritual resources).

On this day of visits, everywhere we went the surrounding countryside was filled with bright red poppies. We were happy to find the kids doing well and the families, too. We took a few photos to share with you here of the fields, and two of our kids in particular, Georgiana and Olimpia. Georgiana loves doing arts and crafts. She was proud to show us her recent handiwork when we stopped by. We also visited Olimpia, who has a new pet - a chick who likes to follow her voice around her house :)