In addition to the House of New Life, Chi Rho is also involved in the local community to help place as many of our kids in loving foster families. 

When The House of New Life opened, most of our kids were not expected to live past the age of five due to HIV and other health complications. However, once in a loving environment and with access to medical care and anti-retrovirals, our kids recovered and many began thriving. We soon realized some would not need to live in a group home setting and would be better off living in families of their own.


In working with the county, we began finding families who had room in their homes and hearts for our kids. Over the years we've been able to make some wonderful matches, and we've even reunited some kids with their original birth families.

While the county provides some funds for foster families, it's often not much. We consider these kids to still be part of our Chi Rho family, so once a month, our staff drives out to each home to visit with the families and make sure they have what they need for financial, emotional, and medical support.

Most of our kids are still with their foster families, some five and ten years since we originally placed them.