Since 1998, The House of New Life has been home to as many as 32 children. Today, our kids are in their 20s, and ten still call the House their home.  

CarING for the least of these

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Since Post Cura #3 became The House of New Life, our kids have always had a place to call home. Many have grown up and are living healthy, independent lives, and will come back to visit from time to time. Others we've placed with loving foster families, and we visit them monthly to provide care and support for the whole family.

Currently, ten kids with special needs still live at the House of New Life. Thanks to improving in-country conditions, we now have access to anti-retroviral medications to help manage our kids’ HIV better. We continue to take in new children from hospitals until we can find them good foster homes for them.

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At the House, our staff mamas do an amazing job at loving and encouraging our kids every day. In spite of mental and physical challenges, our kids live fairly normal lives. They have daily chores, attend physical therapy, and are tutored by special education teachers. They go on field trips to the beach and mountains, play with neighboring children, and enjoy visits from the local baker, youth groups and students, even the town mayor and Santa Claus.

The sign over the building that once read “Post Cura #3” came down in 1998. The new sign today reads: “Permit the children to come to me; do not hinder them; for the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” ~ Mark 10:14
— Hud Staffield, Founder
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